A New year.

At the start of a new year I wanted to look back for a while…
All my pictures start from a blank canvas with no preconceived ideas of where it might go other than the technique of mark making with the knife.
The most preparation I will consider is what colours I have to hand and what mood I am in.
I paint instinctively, and using the technique I am still exploring will work the picture up until it becomes apparent, then I can work towards establishing and finishingthe finished picture.



Midnight at the grove.
The title was taken from a place I used to visit in my early teens, when the overwhelming beauty of nature and the sense of endless possibilities filled my head.
The “grove”was a disused sanatorium in Dumfries with massive overgrown rhododendrons and beautiful high walled ramshackle gardens.The picture is a meditation on those times and feelings.