Well, September was great, I had two exhibitions,Wirksworth and Melbourne, both were good opportunities to show some new work.I shared both exhibitions with other artists who were good company and had great art that was completely different from mine, check out Olivier Leger and Heidi Jayne Best.

I Was lucky enough to go back to the field of dahlias at kings Newton,which has been such a source of inspiration for a lot of my work and spoke to the owners who let me into the field to take as many pictures as I liked.

I was pleased to get another large painting underway and finished, I was looking for an autumnal theme and I think I achieved this.

OCTOBER will see me off to Vadodara in Gujerat India as part of”Reimagine India”a collaborative art event with the wonderful “Artcore” community based art group from Derby.the project involves visiting SW university of Vadodara during the Navratri festival and trying to find ways of working with the students and artists on a clloborative piece of work we can share and bring back to the uk.

The longer term goal is for artists and students to visit us here and continue the project until 2017 which is the anniversary of  seventy years of independence and will culminate in a joint piece of work shared here and back in India.The project team has six members including artists,dancers directors and organisers.

Hopefully the experience will allow us an insight into the importance of art,music and dance in the lives and culture of the people of Vadodara and give us a diverse source of inspiration for future work.image