Isolation paintings.2020

I seem to have been away from the site forever,sorry really slack of me 54E50D68-7506-4CBC-8286-AD20899491D4

anyway here are some of my latest paintings done during lockdown.if you are browsing the site please excuse the mess, as you can probably tell, I’m just all about the painting  0FDA6A77-A8BA-43D8-BE20-38A62377A52Astay safe. DA921286-0BDC-4314-A3E4-A16675E9AECA 194621DB-CF72-40C7-B76E-5029905337F2 E6A7F3AC-FA9B-4284-83AF-36598AE71DAA 87B894B9-CC77-430B-971E-DD66643EEAA2 3BC22798-2F91-4715-AE6E-95306BA954E5 5A7429FB-5EE1-4444-B37E-B32C4E2DA503