Well it’s been great to be back at deda in derby for another exhibition.a fantastic new space in the atrium and the cube bar.thanks to all who came along on the opening night and made it a great success.”rain dogs” were well received and we loved playing to a responsive crowd.

The title for the show is an old Leonard Cohen song which takes me way back, I like the idea of the endless bloom and decay of nature,the way we all strive to connect and flourish and continue on and on and on. Season after season presenting new skin for the old ceremony.

last month was the Melbourne festival,which seems to get better every year. I was lucky to be in a gorgeous ex factory and was well looked after by lovely hosts.

i couldn’t help but notice lots of visitors over the weekend clutching bunches of dahlias, apparently they were on sale next door to the house I was exhibiting in,so on the Sunday I got chatting to the “flower man” who told me his dad has the farm just outside Melbourne.On the way home I stopped off and was awestruck by the amount of dahlias growing outside in September. I brought a few bunches home and was mesmerised by their colours. I wanted to match their colour accurately in my next picture ( which I started on the Monday). I feel I have achieved this with the rather obviously titled “dahlias”. Sometimes titles can take a lot of thinking about,but the colours in this picture really do speak for themselves I