About Me


I am a self taught painter who is interested in art that is ambient and contemplative

when I paint I make abstract spaces that reflect my response to the natural world.my aim is to create a space where I can lose myself in the pictures colour, texture, depth and detail, I paint without prior sketches and start with a notion of colour or mood, sometimes I just start and see where the picture will take me. i like to work instinctively.

i am continually inspired by nature and strive to find new ways of looking, seeing and representing its beauty.

I make work that is visually stimulating using repetitive markings to build up a sense of depth and vibrancy,while suggesting representation in a loose but readable way.I like exploring the line between digital imagery and the most basic mark making to compose pictures without a fixed focal point,so the viewer can find something different every time they come back to it and can read the painting at their own pace.

the more I paint the more I learn about the importance of colour,the way it can enhance a mood or completely change a picture.as winter is drawing in I find it hard to get enough daylight time with a picture to match the colour to the mood I am looking for.last year I stopped using the studio(attic) when it got too cold and started using the kitchen table to try some black ink brush drawings.