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Autumns elbow.


first light.

50cmx50cmHere we are on the edge of another season.
I enjoyed the Melbourne festival in September and I think I am ready for the Banks Mill open studios in November.
I have been combining brush and knife work in the last few pictures I have made.
I have really enjoyed the process of underpainting the canvas and letting it dry, covering the whole thing with a top layer of mixed colours, then scraping back through to the original colour to add depth and detail, looking for “the Picture”,
Uncovering it gradually, letting it reveal itself until I reach a place where I think its ambiguity works.


I have been using brushes recently to keep myself moving and learning.
It’s a departure from the knifework but I have been enjoying the different approach.
It started with some quick sketching on paper and then drawing straight on with the paint.
I hope you enjoy them.